From a combination of design, handcraft and artistic work, Boessert/Schorn develops everyday products that are comfortable. The clothing is made in small manufactures in the region. Sonia Boessert uses natural, simple, robust materials, preferably organic materials.

From the very outset B/S has repeatedly worked with a combination of different materials and haptics. The items of clothing are finished in a clear, simple language of form, yet are also full of detail, with a comfortable cut.

All parts of the collection are subject to the logic of Sonia Boessert. B/S collections should be seen as part of a long line, which constantly build on each other or are interwoven with each other.

Over many years of dealing with design and textiles, Boessert has become a true connoisseur of materials, yarns and cuts. Boessert designs all of her own cuts, selects all of the materials, and is responsible for all development, from prototypes to the finished, market-ready product.

Close cooperation with pattern makers and manufacturers is essential to her work. B/S tries to develop fair and transparent products, both for customers and for those who carry out the work. Sonia Boessert cooperates closely with small regional factories in Germany and Poland. She appreciates the extensive experience of the handcrafters, and constantly strives to improve the long and intensive cooperation in producing her clothes.

The designer has a preference for vintage clothing and old objects from past ages,with the typical designs and workmanship of the different times. The authentic old objects open the sense for to make new things with the deepness of old objects. Boessert has an eye for self-made and hand-made things, for inaccurate, rough hand-stitching and strong structures, such as those created by knitting. For her the personal production of technics like the combination of knit and woven material have a center position since the beginning.

B/S acquires its materials from Europe where possible, preferably organic materials, but also materials from over-production and remainders that are otherwise unused, in this she think about the questions of substainibility and ectical work. For Boessert it is important that you like to wear the items a long time.

Sonia Boessert founded the label with her former partner Brigitte Schorn, and has run the label alone since 2010. Since 2008 Sonia Boessert has designed two collections per year. The collections are presented at showrooms in Paris and Tokyo during the fashion weeks. Since this time you find Boessert/Schorn items in selected boutiques.

B/S stands for a raw, inaccurate nonchalance.